Welcome Entry for 21st Century Minds

Our human minds are evolving all the time. Just over a century ago, we had no real idea that we have a subconscious mind where most of our thinking takes place. We also were very bad at creating hypothetical situations from which to propose alternate future paths. Now we become much more analytical about the structure of our own minds, including these deeper layers. The REG experience begins to shine a light on some of this structure, the web-like nature, the membrane of meaning, the role of significance, and many other features that we are learning about. And most important, by examining these features, we create a feedback loop of our own consciousness that propels it forward. We gain self-awareness and higher levels of mental health and well being as a result. And it takes us into the future, where we will begin to encounter artificial intelligence, and ponder the future of our own species. Evolving our own minds and the basic human condition becomes the key to humanity’s future.