Welcome Entry for Physics and Consciousness

Finding links between physics with consciousness has been a personal dream of mine since grade school. That was a long time ago—and since then the philosophical understanding of both physics and consciousness has changed. Today physicists are much less likely to dismiss talk of consciousness in the context of quantum physics. They may not like the idea, but with new findings in quantum biology and quantum psychology, as well as new more sophisticated mind-related interpretations of quantum mechanics, there is a clear change in the wind. The REG can play a central role in finding links, because at its core, the REG is a standard quantum instrument. REG studies are by nature examinations of the relationship between quantum phenomena and consciousness. So, instead of focusing on the parapsychological aspect, we can see REG work as an extension of study into the foundations of physics. When looked at in this light, we connect with and draw insights from physicists John Wheeler, David Bohm, John Von Neumann, Erwin Schrodinger, and others who began to explore the experiential side to quantum physics.