REG-1 Kits

REG-1 Exploration Kit

Within US – $449  (Shipping Included)

Outside US – $479  (Shipping Included)

The REG-1 represents the first generation mind-matter technology widely available for public use. Now anyone with a home computer can explore the direct impact of consciousness on the physical world, with the next generation of PEAR equipment—the portable, adaptable, and responsive REG-1.

The  REG-1 Exploration Kit is ideal for the professional researcher who does not need the REG-1 SDK development package. The Standard comes with a high quality milled aluminum case for extra shielding.

Product Destination

Software:  REG-1 editions come with easy-to-use software applications for research, data collection and analysis, games, and personal exploration and development. Software includes the hardware driver, Reflector (game applications), FieldREG and Analysis tool


Observe impact of consciousness on an REG in real time. Practice with a variety of game modules. Track your progress.


Measure environmental influences. Mark and describe events for later analysis.


Analyze and export your data and graphs. Easily calculate important statistics. Upload data to Psyleron Community.